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Acai Berry Benefits

Staying active and getting regular exercise are an important part of living a healthy life. But, eating a nutritious diet is also a crucial component of a person’s overall well-being. For many people, weight management is also necessary in order to help reduce the risk of possible health problems later in life such as heart disease, diabetes and even strokes.

The acai berry, which can be found in the rainforests of Central and South America, is a fruit that comes from the acai palm tree. This dark purple inch long fruit has been stirring up a lot of attention recently for its many possible health benefits. Some people believe that the acai berry can help those suffering from arthritis, cancer, high cholesterol as well as several other health ailments. It is thought that the acai berry may even aid in weight loss.

The History Behind the Berry
The rainforest is believed by many to be a treasure trove of plants containing special medicinal properties. The acai berry, which is one of the fruits found there, has been eaten by natives for thousands of years. They believed that the acai berry had special healing powers and it quickly became an important part of their regular diet. It was even thought to have sustained the natives during times when food was sparse. Because of the acai’s extremely high nutritional value, it is believed to not only help increase a person’s overall energy but to also help a person recover from an illness quicker when eaten on a regular basis.

Health Benefits
Some studies have concluded that the acai’s pulp is richer in antioxidants than other common berries such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. However, the specific health benefits that it could offer, above being a healthy fruit packed with antioxidants, is not yet fully known. Due to the acai’s omega fatty acids and unique combination of antioxidants, it is believed that the acai berry could possibly help slow the aging process by improving the immune system and metabolic functions in our bodies. It also thought that eating the acai berry has the ability to improve a person’s skin, nails and hair helping them to maintain a youthful looking appearance. Unfortunately, because of the limited number of studies that have been performed on the acai berry, it is hard to know all the amazing health benefits this tiny fruit could possibly contain.

The Acai Berry and Weight loss
Currently, there are several companies promoting the amazing weight loss benefits of the acai berry. The berry is very versatile and can be consumed in many forms. It can be found in tablet form, in various juices, health drinks as well as smoothies and energy drinks. The acai berry can also be eaten raw like other fruits and is even served like ice cream in South America. It is well known that eating a high fiber diet is beneficial for anyone trying to lose weight. Diets high in fiber help keep you feeling full longer which can inhibit overeating and also help you make smarter food choices when you are actually hungry. Due to the acai’s high fiber content and heart healthy fats, there is no denying that eating this fruit as part of an overall healthy diet would be beneficial for someone trying to improve or maintain their health. The acai berry may even be able to counteract a high fat diet.

The acai berry is truly a fruit thats entire potential is not yet known. But what can’t be denied is that this fruit is a nutritional powerhouse containing impressive amounts of antioxidants. Including acai berries in your diet is sure to offer health benefits that are yet to be discovered.